About Sharon

My name is Sin Swan (Sharon). I am a mother of 2 children.


I read books on childbirth, parenting and attended childbirth classes in preparation for childbirth.


It was an enjoyable experience.


Both my births were drug-free and almost ‘pain’ free.  Both my babies were born full term.  Even though I planned for water birth in the hospital as it was a gentle birthing method, I gave birth to my second baby on my own, alone at home and my husband reached home just in time to receive/catch our baby.


After confinement, I was left all alone to take care of my boy and a newborn.  Then I realized the fact that no amount of reading and knowledge could prepare me enough for the experience of taking care of my children and it was quite overwhelming.


• CIBTAC Diploma in Aromatherapy
• CIBTAC Diploma in Massage
• ITEC Diploma in Lymphatic Drainage
• HypnoBirthing® Infant Massage Instructor
• CBI Postpartum Doula
• Certificate in Moxibustion
• WSQ in Pre Natal Massage
• WSQ in Post Natal Massage

• WSQ in Body Scrub and Wrap

• WSQ in Facial Treatment

Looking Forward

While some women who were inspired by their pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood journey, and became birth doulas, postpartum doulas, childbirth educators, lactation consultants, bloggers or writers, I have chosen to specialize in pre- and postnatal massage to serve the women in Singapore in my own little way.

Every woman deserves to be respected of her wish and feel well-supported in her journey to motherhood. Throughout, she needs to be able to take care of herself, recover well from childbirth and to regain her physical and emotional strength. Thereafter,  inspired, to take care of the baby.

I often prompt client to take charge of their own body, know their rights and options, plan for their postnatal recovery. I also encourage them to gather information from their doctors or healthcare professionals and attend childbirth and parenting classes to gain wisdom and knowledge from the experts.

It has been a very rewarding job for me as I aim to make a difference, in my small way, to support women with my knowledge and skill, for a smooth transition to motherhood. Clients appreciate the little extra time I spend with them to share knowledge or talk through their concerns and how to achieve the birth experience they want.



Back in 2009, when I had my first baby, at the age of 37, I was a super anxious mum and a perfectionist, trying to give my precious little baby boy the best care.  It did not happen that way because I overexerted myself with many sleepless nights worrying about my baby, besides the routine night feeding, burping and diaper changing.

Even though my baby was already “head down”, two days before my labour, he shifted his head slightly and I experienced continuous nerve pain on my lower back near the sacrum and throughout my forty hours of long labour.

I also experienced acute lower backache and was physically very weak when my baby was five month old.

These were due to the fact that I did not do postnatal massage with belly wrap to strengthen my lower back and I did not engage confinement nanny, which was not a wise decision.

I continued to experience separation anxiety and depression up to two years.



Postpartum / Confinement and beyond

It was a totally different experience when I planned for my postpartum recovery with my second pregnancy.

We need to have our birth plan and postpartum recovery plan, and go through the details the way we plan for our wedding.  We need to plan ahead and know our options and choose what we want and find the right support.  It is also a good idea to have some backup plans and extra contacts in our list.  I always tell client that nothing is perfect but with knowledge and information, we can make a better choice, take charge and stay in control for a good outcome.

Self-care is also very important.  I highly recommend client to do Moxibustion therapy to strengthen their body after childbirth.



Communicate effectively and getting the husband involvement is part of your planning process. The husband plays a critical role in determining how successful your plan is. He is there to speak up on your behalf, remind you and make sure things work out according to your plan. I also encourage the husband to find out information, like the way from the carpark to the delivery suite, the hospital charges and check in time. Husband can also help to call and inform the hospital while you are on your way to the hospital to birth your baby. If husband is allowed in the operation room, he can hold your hand and tell you what is happening over the top of the curtain in front of you or help to take some photos.

Moxibustion Testimonial

I did a full moxibustion treatment of liver, kidney, ovary, digestion and facial moxibustion and found it effective in strengthening my body.

I felt a lot of sensation at my legs. Sometimes, I felt a gust of warm air rushing down my legs and sometimes my feet felt ice cold even with the air conditioner was switched off. At certain stage of the treatment, I felt that my whole body was so cold that I needed to use the massage bed with thermal heater for a few treatments. Other times, I felt very hypnotized, calm and relaxed.

Now, I do not feel exhausted after a whole day of work going from house to house. I do not feel any PMS, mood swings or discomfort. I no longer feel so bloated after a meal as my digestion has improved. My body is warmer and I no longer have cold hands and feet. Also, after the facial moxibustion treatment, my clients are always surprised when I tell them that I am in my forties.

I have more energy and am more positive after the treatment as my health has improved greatly.


Please check with your doctor if you experience any consistent pain or discomfort during your pregnancy.  Call me in for a prenatal massage unless your doctor advises you not to have any massage.

After postnatal massage, there are aromatherapy massage, body massage, facial and/or body scrub to pamper yourself by taking a little time off.  The little stolen ‘me time’ is often very rewarding and relaxing. It goes a long way.

I customize oil blend based on individual client’s requirements for stretch marks, headache, engorgement, incision healing, cradle cap, and baby oil.

For client who has gone through an event of miscarriage, I highly recommend doing ovary and kidney moxibustion therapy to strengthen the body.

I also offer massage with or without oil and foot reflexology therapies at parties and events. I partner with a male therapist to offer such services.

All my services are home visits or outcall services.

Questions about Something you would like to discuss?

Feel free to drop me an email or whatsapp me should you have any query.