Baby’s First Hair Cut

This service is provided to newborn of one month at 371 Beach Raod,#B1-25 City Gate, S199597.

Baby Hair Cut (Using Shaver) ? Frequently asked question

1. I am a bit worried as my baby has cradle cap. Should I shave him at four month?
Shaving makes the dandruff-like scaling on the scalp more visible and easier to take care. Special care will be taken in such a case. After shaving, you can remove it by gently rubbing baby oil on his scalp, wait for 20 minutes and then washing or brushing away the loosened scales. Completely wash out the baby oil with a mild baby shampoo and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

2. Why did my baby scalp turn red during shaving?
This is due to the baby?s dedicated skin and the vibration of the shaver. It appears red during shaving and when it is done, the redness will disappear very fast.

3. I am not sure whether to shave my baby at full month or wait until she is four month old?
I will do a briefing before I start to shave so that parents know what to expect. Parents are in full control of the process. Shaver used is suitable and safe for newborn.

4. How long it takes to shave the hair?
It takes about 10 minutes or longer. Newborn from one to three month will take shorter time as compared to older baby.

5. What if my baby starts crying when we start shaving?
Baby cries for various reasons and parents should attend to their baby first. We can continue when the baby is settled.

6. I also have an older kid, do you do shaving as well?

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