About Zi Ming

Hello, my name is Zi Ming (欧 籽 名 Ōu zǐ míng) and I am a mother of 2 children.

I started Mummy Baby Care to provide holistic pre/post-natal support for new mums and their babies.

Today, I specialise in teaching infant care, baby language and baby massage lessons, and providing 5-in-1 moxibustion as well as Guasha therapies.

I am passionate about mother and infant care, and continually expand my skills and knowledge through local and internationally recognised organisations such as Childbirth International (CBI), International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) and the Confederation of International Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (CIBTAC). 


My Journey to Motherhood

Back in 2009 when I had my first baby at the age of 37, I was a very anxious mum and a perfectionist, wanting to give my precious little baby boy the best care.

However, things did not happen the way I wanted.

I overexerted myself with many sleepless nights worrying about my baby, on top of the routine night feeding, burping and diaper changing. In addition, I experienced acute lower backache and was physically very weak many months after childbirth.

Two days before my labour, my baby shifted his head slightly and I experienced continuous nerve pain on my lower back near the sacrum and throughout my forty hours of long labour. Eager to care of my newborn baby, I neglected my own health. I did not strengthen my lower back with postnatal massage and belly wrap, or engage a confinement nanny to help.

As my health weakened, I started to experience separation anxiety and depression for two years. It was then, when I was overwhelmed by my health challenges and emotions, that I realised no amount of reading and research could have fully prepared me for the experience of taking care of my children.


The Birth of Mummy Baby Care

Because of my personal postnatal experience, I understand the emotional and physical needs and challenges of modern mothers. I believe that every woman deserve to be well-supported in her journey to motherhood, and have her pregnancy and parenting choices respected.

Mothers need to be able to take care of herself throughout the journey. It is critical for her to recover well from childbirth and to regain her physical and emotional strength, so that she is empowered to take care of her baby and family.

Having experienced a bumpy transition to motherhood, I decided to equip myself with knowledge and skills to help others regain their confidence and health after childbirth, and care and bond with their babies. This was how Mummy Baby Care started.

Let Mummy Baby Care accompany you on your pregnancy journey.

Here are four reasons why we are best suited to support you as you enter motherhood:

1. Fully-Qualified and Experienced
    We are committed to keeping up-to-date with new developments in pregnancy and infant care by attending relevant courses to gain new knowledge and skills.

2. Flexibility and Reliability

    We operate Mondays to Sundays, seven days a week ? offering you a wide range of options for scheduling treatment and/or training sessions.

    First appointment at 8:00am
    Last appointment at 8:00pm

3. Quality Products and Services
    We are committed to providing our customers the best services and the finest products, including good quality cold-pressed massage oils suitable for stretch marks, sensitive skin and baby skin. Our therapies incorporate the best of Western and Eastern medical knowledge and techniques.

4. Good Value
    We offer tailored packages to meet your unique requirements. Choose and customise a package deal from a range of services.

Questions about Something you would like to discuss?

Feel free to drop me an email or whatsapp me should you have any query.  

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