About Sharon

My first name is Sin Swan (Sharon).  I am a mother of 2 children.  I started MUMMY BABY CARE specializing in pre/post-natal support for new mums, providing massage services & breastfeeding advisory support.

I am a SWAS (Spa and Wellness Association of Singapore) registered Complementary Therapist and was trained in pregnancy-related massage techniques. The following are certifications achieved through my continuing education in the wellness industry.


• Dunstan Baby Language (DBL) Educator Certificate
• Advanced Certificate in Spa Services
• CIBTAC Diploma in Aromatherapy
• CIBTAC Diploma in Massage
• ITEC Diploma in Lymphatic Drainage
• HypnoBirthing® Infant Massage Instructor
• CBI Postpartum Doula
• Certificate in Moxibustion
• WSQ in Pre Natal Massage
• WSQ in Post Natal Massage
• WSQ in Facial Treatment
• WSQ in Body Scrub
• Certificate of Attendance (Bach-Centre Approved Continuing Education Event) in Emotional Health for Children with Bach Flower Remedies

My Journey to Motherhood…
Back in 2009, when I had my first baby, at the age of 37, I was a super anxious mum and a perfectionist, trying to give my precious little baby boy the best care.  It did not happen that way because I overexerted myself with many sleepless nights worrying about my baby, besides the routine night feeding, burping and diaper changing.

Even though my baby was already “head down”, two days before my labour, he shifted his head slightly and I experienced continuous nerve pain on my lower back near the sacrum and throughout my forty hours of long labour.  My labour was drug-free as I did not feel any labour pain.

I experienced acute lower backache and was physically very weak many months after childbirth.

These were due to the fact that I did not do postnatal massage with belly wrap to strengthen my lower back and I did not engage confinement nanny or help, which was not a wise decision.

I continued to experience separation anxiety and depression up to two years.

Then I realized the fact that no amount of reading and knowledge could prepare me enough for the experience of taking care of my children and it was quite overwhelming.

I feel that every woman deserves to be respected of her wish, choice and feel well-supported in her journey to motherhood. Throughout, she needs to be able to take care of herself, recover well from childbirth and to regain her physical and emotional strength. Thereafter, empowered to take care of the baby and family.

Because of my personal postnatal experience, I understand the emotional, physical challenges and the needs of the modern young mother.

I craved for knowledge and learned various skills to equip myself to help others in their postnatal recovery.

This is how MUMMY BABY CARE started.

Let Mummy Baby Care accompanies your pregnancy journey because:
1.    Fully-Qualified and Experienced
Continuing education by keeping up-to-date and attending relevant courses to gain new knowledge and skill.

2.    Flexibility and Reliability
Monday to Sunday
1st appointment at 8:00am
Last appointment at 8:00pm.

3.    Committed Services
We are committed to provide the best services to you at our cosy shop located @
470 North Bridge Road #03-20, Bugis Cube. Singapore 188735.

4.    Massage Oil
Good quality cold pressed massage oil suitable for stretch mark, sensitive skin and baby skin.

5.    Package Deal
Choose from a range of services. We have customized package to meet individual requirements.


Questions about Something you would like to discuss?

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