May 16, 2016
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May 16, 2016

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Gentle Bio-Energetics developed by Dr. Eva Reich is an educational and therapeutic model designed to integrate verbal and body therapies for healing and growth.? The Gentle aspect refers to the role of the therapist/helper as being noninvasive and nurturing, in both the touch and verbal interventions used.? Bio-Energetics refers to the individual?s life energy, how it flows freely or is blocked by armor resulting from traumatic life experiences. There are many techniques and tools to help mums to restore the energetic flow of energy during pregnancy to childbirth and beyond.

The goal of GBE education and therapy is to enable individuals to restore the flow of life energy.? It involves working with all aspects of the individual: spiritual, cognitive, physical, and emotional.? It is not just a body-type therapy.? However, the memory of certain specific events is carried primarily in our bodies: pre-verbal trauma, unconscious states, and trance states.? We may have repressed or lost both traumatic and joyous experiences because of the pain or the lack of permission for others.? Now, from within ourselves, we continue the repression, limiting our full experience of life.? The GBE process enables us to get back to the earliest and deepest memories stored in the cells and body tissues.? In therapy we learn how the armor we have developed stops our natural flow of life energy.? This natural flow of life energy is restored, immediately or later, by using gentle, non-invasive techniques designed to melt armor, recover memories, release blocked emotions, and help us understand how these past experiences are affecting current life patterns.

GBE for Everyone

Use of the tools with various age groups or situations:

  • Infants
  • Children
  • Adolescents
  • Elderly
  • Families
  • Organizations
  • Performers

Overview of the Tools

There are various techniques and tools-some are simple and some take a longer time to master.? The tools also range from those that are self-help, alone or with a partner, to those best done with someone trained and experienced.

GBE for everyone

GBE has many tools that can be used with infants.? These tools can help to enhance bonding, to open of life energy, as well as to integrate and heal birth trauma.? Butterfly Touch Massage is excellent to use in the first 3 months of life.? It is particularly effective when done very briefly with separated or hospitalized newborns.

Metamorphosis, adapted for infants, can be done after the birth to help the infant integrate the birth and in-utero experience.
Parents can learn these tools.? With newborns, parents touch is very important to create a welcoming period of togetherness.

Various tools can help heal trauma, enhance bonding, connect energy flow, and reduce pain following injury or during illness.? Butterfly Touch Massage enhances bonding and life-energy flow.? Metamorphosis provides help with learning and developmental problems.? Brazilian Toe Massage aids in balancing the body, quieting the energy, and reducing pain.? The Healing with Love and Touch techniques are also useful in treating illness in children.

In this stage of life, in addition to the applications for children, certain tools can be used to aid the normal development of sexuality and to prevent violence.? Any one of the tools can help adolescents become comfortable with emotions and connect to their bodies.

The tools are excellent for older people because of the gentle touch. Often the desired goal is not necessarily extreme emotional catharsis, but increased harmony, energy flow and connection. The gentle process can help heal memories, restore energy flow after illness, and enhance the later years of life.

The tools can help families enhance emotional flow in a safe way and create deeper love and bonding. Often families have a difficult time figuring out how to handle emotions.

The basic principles of Gentle Bio-Energetics can be valuable in organizations and the workplace to enhance productivity. Understanding what a worker brings, in terms of armor from past or present trauma, can help create a better working environment. Understanding the nature of the influence of trauma and armoring on the flow of life energy can help in humanizing the workplace. Many parents need to work and, as a result, there is a need for the workplace to become supportive of babies and children in whatever way possible to enhance society. If armoring and its traumatic roots can be reduced, thereby increasing energy flow and wellness, then health costs can be reduced, productivity increased, and a better community developed.

In order to become more creative, athletes, artists, actors, writers, singers, etc. can learn ow armor or trauma blocks the flow of their life energy. The tools (particularly GBE Balance) can be vital in reconnecting the flow of energy to the body after injury or operation in order to restore or enhance performance.

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