Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is a non-invasive and gentle therapy for relaxing the mind and body. The technique involves the application of appropriate pressure with thumbs and fingers to part of the feet to stimulate, engage and release tension from pressure points of the feet that are thought, according to Asian healing traditions, to correspond to all of the organs of the body. It is believed that pressing them has a beneficial effect on one’s health.

Each foot has 7200 nerve endings and these are interconnected to the major organs and parts of the body. Each section of the foot has its relative reflex point. By focusing pressure on these points you channel energy via nerve pathways to the specific corresponding areas. This helps to release the tension that build up in the bottoms of our feet, allowing the body to relax and heal any imbalance. Beside relieving foot soreness, other benefits include better blood circulation, elimination of bodily toxins and improved overall relaxation. So, for example, stimulating the foot’s inner edge from top to bottom is equivalent to working from the neck down the lower back along the spine.

Foot reflexology has long been practiced as an effective way to treat pain of any kind. In fact, using reflexology can relieve pain within seconds. One reason why it is so effective is because reflexology trigger your brain to release endorphins (your body’s natural pain killer) into the region of pain. With improved circulation in the area of discomfort it enhances your body’s ability to recuperate faster.

In summary, foot reflexology can:
Reduce pain
Release tension
Eliminate toxins
Decrease emotional stress

Foot reflexology is a great complementary therapy for convention treatment of conditions like asthma, anxiety, diabetes, cancer treatment, cardiovascular issues, kidney function, PMS, and sinusitis. It is most suitable for the elderly who are often weak and frail. It also good for reducing stress build up in the body’energy system.

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Foot Reflexology
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