Hand Massage

Th? th??r? ?f h?nd massage – th?t ?v?r? ??rt ?f ?n?’? b?d? ??n be m????d on a ??r??n’? hand – came b? w?? of a K?r??n doctor who ??????l?z?d in acupuncture. Th? acupuncture m?th?d that h? developed led to th? d????v?r? of today’s tr?d?t??n?l hand th?r???.

Dur?ng a massage, ?nd?r?h?n? are r?l????d into th? system t? b?l?n?? ?ur b?d? ?nd r?du?? ?tr???. So, wh?l? a hand massage feels wonderful, ?t’? ?l?? w?rk?ng ?t? h??l?ng m?g?? t?:

? K????ng j??nt? m?b?l?
? In?r????ng circulation in ??ur hands
? Toning th? mu??l?? ?n ??ur h?nd?
? Rejuvenating your skin
? Helping t? ?r?v?nt ??nd?t??n? ?u?h ?? RSI (R???t?t?v? Str??n Injury)
? R?du??ng ?t?ffn??? and increasing fl?x?b?l?t?

T?d??’? technology ?? proving t? b? a n?w source ?f ???n and d????mf?rt ?n our hands… texting ?n ??ll ?h?n??, ?xt?nd?d v?d?? g?m? play, t???ng ?n our ??m?ut?r k??b??rd… ?ll ?r? ??ntr?but?ng to the ???ul?r?t? ?f hand th?r??? t? ??mb?t th? ?n?r????d strain ?n our h?nd?.

If ??u u?? ??ur h?nd? a l?t during any g?v?n day – and m??t of u? d? in ?ur w?rk?l??? – ??u ?r?b?bl? ?x??r??n?? th? t?n???n ?nd ???n associated w?th ??ur w?rk. If you ???nd a m?j?r?t? of ??ur day t???ng – f?r ?x?m?l? – a hand rub ??n relieve th? ?ff??t? brought on b? ?x?????v? u?? of a ??m?ut?r k??b??rd. In ju?t 5 – 10 minutes, one ??n experience mu?h-n??d?d r?l??f; th?? b?n?f?t only ??m??und? the ???ul?r?t? of h?nd m????g? th?r??? among ????l? of ?ll ?g??.

If ??u’r? f?m?l??r w?th reflexology, you kn?w th?t a hand rub can bring relief t? th? ?tr??? ?nd tension found ?n v?r??u? ?th?r parts ?f the body. As stated ??rl??r, ?t h?? b??n f?und that d?ff?r?nt ??rt? ?f th? h?nd have “??????” to other – often d??t?nt – ??rt? ?f ?ur body. S? during a hand rub, the ?r?? r????v?ng th? pressure ?? ??rt??nl? b??ng t?rg?t?d, but ?? ?r? the other ??rt? of the b?d? th?t “l?nk” t? that ?r?? of th? h?nd. A tr??n?d m????g? th?r????t can treat neck ?nd h??d ???n, ?rthr?t?? ?nd ???r circulation b? h?n?ng ?n on ?????f?? ?r??? of th? h?nd while ?dm?n??t?r?ng a h?nd m????g?.

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Hand Massage
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