Moxibustion Breast Therapy

Moxibustion breast therapy has a significant effect to alleviate problems related to the breast such as breast tenderness and breast hyperplasia. Improve the firmness, roundness and elasticity of breasts. Helps relieve problems cause by stagnation of qi in the liver: abdominal pain, insomnia, irregular menstruation and stomach pain. Adjuvant treatment of chest problems such as cough, chronic bronchitis and rib neuralgia.


Moxibustion Breast Wellness Set is suitable for :

Those who want to lift and firm the breasts for a more youthful look

Those who want to improve immunity

Postnatal women who has stopped breastfeeding


According to Chinese Medicine, one cause of lumps in the breast is Liver Qi stagnation.? The Liver channel travels through the breasts. When the Qi that travels through this channel becomes stuck, one result is a lump.

In Postnatal lactation, low milk supply is an insufficient energy or Qi and blood supply in the body. Milk which is not flowing or problems with ?let-down? are the result of Qi stagnation.

Energy (Qi) is required to convert her blood into milk, and blood itself is required to become the milk. ?A predisposition toward anaemia or blood loss during delivery can result in a low supply of the mother?s blood resulting in poor milk supply. Exhaustion due to labour and sleep deprivation can prevent the mother?s body from producing milk because there is not enough energy to generate the milk. Stagnation is also a cause of mastitis.

In TCM emotions cause stagnation of the energy of the liver energy channel: feelings of being stressed-out, anger, resentment, frustration and depression.

Moxibustion Breast Therapy
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