Moxibustion Eye Therapy

Moxibustion Eye Therapy has a significant effect to alleviate eye discomforts and problems on the eyes due to lack of sleep, prolonged use of computers, myopia, cervical fatigue, dark eye circles, eye bags, wrinkles, drooping of the corner of the eye, eye fatigue, insomnia and neurasthenia.


Moxibustion Eye Wellness Set is suitable for :

Those who face the computer the whole day

Students preparing for examination

Those who aim to improve their eyesight

Those who want to look youthful

Those who want to delay the sign of ageing

Those who want to prevent wrinkles around the eyes


Eye Function

The Formation of Vision

For the human eye to see an object involves a set of complicated procedures ? starting from the eye which transmits light and images to the brain which identifies the image. Firstly, the external light images to the brain which identifies the image. Firstly, the external light (image) reached the retina through the cornea, pupil, lens and vitreous transparent structure. The retinal feels the light and generates a pulse (image) via the retinal nerve fiber along the optic nerve and optic chiasm to reach the occipital lobe of the brain. The visual cortex in the occipital lobe of the brain identifies the incoming signal from the eye to enable us to ?see? the image of the object.

According to Chinese Medicine, the eyes relate to certain internal organs. In Chinese Medicine, each part of the eye is associated with a particular element and corresponding zang organ. The iris is represented by the liver zang.

Eye problems, such as weak eyesight, dryness, burning or itching of the eyes, are very common these days. Many people assume that a decline in eyesight is an unavoidable part of the aging process. According to Chinese Medicine, those with liver dysfunctions are even more vulnerable to waning eye health than those with a fully functioning liver.

The Liver energetic system is very powerful according to Chinese Medicine. It is a Yin organ, but can be quite Yang and reactive when it’s not happy and soothed. When there is insufficient blood available for storage in the liver, the eyes will not be adequately nourished and will become rough and dry.

Moxibustion Eye Treatment
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