Moxibustion Head Therapy

Moxibustion Head Therapy helps to alleviate headache, dizziness, migraine, head wind, myopia, neurasthenia, insomnia, poor memory, dark eye circles and eye bags. Also helps to improve skin condition and shallow complexion.


Moxibustion Head Wellness Set is suitable for :

Students preparing for examination

Working adult experiencing work stress

Those who aim to improve brain function and memory

High demand of job which requires mental alertness

Those who feel neck tensions and is unable to relax

Those who suffers from insomnia

Those who has migraine and headache


Head and Brain Functions

  • Our alertness and self-consciousness
  • Our ability to respond to activities in our environment
  • Affects our judgement and decision making
  • Controls our emotional responses and expressions
  • Memory for habits and motor activities


Meridian Scraping

Head ‘Bo Jin’ technique is?very effective in stimulating the ‘Qi’ flow on the head, clear meridian pathway.? Special attention will be paid to problem area particular near the temple. ?It is very relaxing.

Moxibustion Head Therapy
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