Moxibustion Neck Shoulder Hand Therapy

Neck Shoulder? Hand Therapy alleviates neck fatigue and pain; stiffness and numbness in the shoulders; low immunity resulting in frequent colds and cough; cervical problems causing headaches and dizziness; dark eye circles and eye bags; chest pain; upper limb paralysis or pain; muscle and tendon strain or tennis elbow; weakness in lungs, kidneys and heart; and poor sleep patterns.


Moxibustion Neck, Shoulder and Hand Set is Suitable for

Relieving neck and upper back stiffness

Build up of tension on the neck and shoulder from desk-bound job

Lack of movement


Neck, Shoulder and Hand Functions

The common symptoms of numbness in the hand and neck; dizziness; headache; insomnia; neck and shoulder pain; stiff neck; nausea; tinnitus; fatigue; and cold hands and feet may be caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain. This results in the development in the ?neck and stomach syndrome? and ?cervical heart syndrome?. Such syndromes will greatly affect the patient?s daily life and work. The more serious cases may even cause paralysis.


Causes of Neck and Shoulder Aches

External Pathogens (Wind & Cold)
The shoulder is being attacked by the cold or wind of external pathogens such as air-conditioning, fan or open window or no blanket whilst you sleep.? The invasion of cold causes stagnation in the meridian around the shoulder and results in aches and pain.

Lack of circulation in the Neck
The neck, shoulders and arms share a few meridians and when there is a lack of circulation to the neck, the problem will affect the circulation in the arms and shoulders causing shoulder aches and pain.? This type of frozen shoulder may also be combined with finger tingling or numbness.

Poor Posture
Poor posture and lack of movement for many hours may cause aches and pain.


Internal Organ Imbalance

Chinese Medicine considers that the meridian and internal organs are strongly related.? Sometimes, when internal organs are weakened or in a state of dysfunction, the shoulders can be affected as a result.? These organs can include the Liver, Gall Bladder, Lungs and Small Intestine.

GV20 (bai hui) is a meeting point of the Liver, Bladder, Gallbladder, San Jiao and Governing channels. Four of these meridians (all except the Liver) pass through the neck and shoulder area. Thus, liver qi stagnation can be transmitted to these other channels – and the shoulder region – via their influence at GV 20.

Moxibustion Neck & Shoulder & Hand
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