Moxibustion Treatment

Moxibustion Treatment is a very popular therapy in Singapore.? It is aimed at dispelling cold, dampness, wind from the body, stimulating the flow of the qi energy channels, strengthening the blood,? improving and maintaining general well-being.

Mugwort, made into smokeless cigar-like moxa sticks, is used in the therapy.? Mugwort is also known as Artemisia vulgaris or ai ye in Chinese.

The moxa stick is held three centimetres above the acupuncture point for certain duration of time to allow the heat sensation to penetrate and circulate into the meridian. Special attention and concentration are required to ensure the client feels warm, comfortable and relax during the therapy.

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory, meridians and collaterals or pathways create the flow of qi and blood circulation, crucial parts of a specific network that communicates with the limbs and internal organs and connects the upper body to the lower regions.

It is beneficial in enhancing the immune system as well as chronic fatigue abd low energy, muscle aches, cramps, pain and cold hands and feet.


Popular Therapy and Remedies

Head Set
It helps to alleviate dizziness, headache, migraine, insomnia and poor memory.

Neck, Shoulder & Hand Set
It helps to alleviate neck and shoulder pain, cervical pain, upper limb numbness, sinus of cold and coughs, joint weakness and pain, and muscle strain.

Spine Set
It helps with stress relief, detoxify, improves immunity and promotes blood circulation.

Kidney Set
It helps to alleviate lower back stiffness and pain, night urine, kidney weakness, insomnia with excessive dreams and provide warming of the limbs.

Leg and Foot Set
It helps to alleviate leg pain, numbness, cramp and weakness, knee pain, rheumatoid arthritis, body weakness and? cold hands and feet.

Digestive Set (Intestine and Stomach)
It helps to alleviate constipation, stomach bloating, gastric pain, cold stomach, bloatedness and digestion issues.

Womb Set
It helps to alleviate irregular menstruation, frigidity and menopause syndrome.

Liver Detox Set
It helps to enhance detoxification, immune functions, increase resistance and metabolic functions.

Slimming Set
It helps to strengthen the function of excretion, water retention, metabolism of fat, reduce obesity with no side effects of downsizing.

Eye Set
It helps to alleviate dark circles, eye bags, eye wrinkles, eye problems due to lack of sleep, myopia and eye fatigue.

Breast Set
It enhances the toning and firming of the breasts and alleviate chest issues

Home Moxibustion Therapy
mugwort muxa stick

Moxibustion Benefits

  • The warm penetrates deep through the skin layers into the body to enhance blood circulation, strengthen skin tissues and excretion of toxins.
  • Effective in expelling wind, coldness, dampness.
  • It increases the ?Yang? energy and restores the body?s normal functions.
  • Better immunity.
  • Relieves muscle tension and pain.
  • Anti-tumor and anti-aging
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-viral.
  • Calm the nervous system.
  • No side effect.
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