Sports Massage

Ever experience muscle soreness and discomforts in your ligaments, tendons and joints after a intense physical workout?

Sports Massage is tailored for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts to train and compete at their maximum level of performance and play an important role in preventing sports injuries.

Sports massage can be performed before, during and after a sport event to achieve peak performance and promotes fast recovery.

The purpose of applying a pre-event massage is to stimulate the flow of nutrients and blood to the muscles and joints, reduces muscles tension to produce a sense of readiness for the sport activites. Pre-stretching the muscles also promotes flexibility and serves to warm-up the muscles.

Post-event massage after a intense session especially with repetitive and rigorous movements is a beneficial therapy. It helps loosen the stiff and tired muscles to restore flexibility and improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage to eliminate lactic acid and waste build-up. This enhances quicker recovery without the usual muscle ache, cramps, fatigue, swelling and prevent injuries.

Inter-event massage provides temporary quick fix techniques that can smooth out sore, tired muscles before the commencement of next session of physical activities.

Sports massage is a excellent therapy in the treatment of Tennis elbow, Golfer?s elbow, ITB pain, Shin pain, Muscle pain, Muscle strains, repetitive strain injuries.

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Sports Massage
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