Lau Jin Yi
November 23, 2022
Jenny JW
November 23, 2022

Firstly, thank you Sharon for your selfless teaching and dedication in the newborn preparation workshop! We sincerely appreciate your time and efforts!
Recommended for first time parents. Prepare for days and hours of intensive course because there will be tons of new information and knowledge to take in. It will be great if both daddy and mummy can join together because I find my husband can understand and support me well with the ‘same direction and agreement’ of how to care for the baby. This is important because we find a mixture of different opinions about tips of caring baby and having my hubby to stand on my side is reassuring. 😊
The workshop gave us a better understanding of how to care for our newborn. We especially adore the baby massage lessons because our baby loves it very very much! The tummy and colic massage really helps our baby in passing of wind. Although we still find there is so much more to learn, we are grateful for Sharon’s classes as a foundation of our knowledge regarding parenthood. Happy baby will surely lead to happy parents!

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