Jennifer Crescencio
October 7, 2016
Tiffany Ye Meiying
October 7, 2016

As highlighted in her reviews, Sharon is a very professional masseur. She is genuine in helping mummies like myself rejuvenate our bodies after a tough labor.

After 5 sessions with her, I grew really fond of her massage touch and the personalized service she provided. I wanted more sessions with Sharon but I had already signed 7 sessions with another masseur before switching to her.

Sharon also did an excellent job shaving my newborn?s hair and doing scraping therapy (gua sha) for me. She always shared tips on how to take care of my baby and myself.

I will engage her again without any second thoughts, if I were to get pregnant in the future. Please keep up the good work! Thank you for going through this postnatal journey with me even though it was a short one.

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