• Hi, Sharon was recommended by the friend of my mother-in-law. She do 3services for me and my baby. 1)postnatal massage with belly wrap. The massage is very good. Before and after my pregnancy, I already had back pains. After Sharon massage me and with belly wrap for 10 sessions, my backpains are all gone. Though the belly wrap a bit uncomfortable , but the sacrifice is worth it coz no more back pains and my waist line become smaller. 2)baby massage lesson. Sharon taught me and my... husband the baby massage lesson which is very detail and useful especially when my baby is constipated. 3) baby shaving. She is very patient during my baby shaving and make sure baby is comfortable. In overall Sharon's services are excellent and I highly recommend her.
    Jennifer Crescencio
  • As highlighted in her reviews, Sharon is a very professional masseur. She never arrives late for any appointments and is genuine in helping mummies like myself to rejuvenate our body after a tough labor. After signing up 5 sessions with her ( note: I wanted more sessions but I was previously with another masseur for 7 sessions before I switched to her), I was really fond of how she binded me, her massage touches and the kind of personalized service she provides. What's more, ...Sharon also did an excellent job in shaving my newborn's hair and doing muscle scraping for me. She is always sharing with me tips on how to take care of my baby and myself. I will engage her again without any second thoughts if I were to get pregnant in the future. Overall, please keep up the good work! Thank you for going through this post natal journey with me even though it was a short one.
    Christine Lim
  • Sharon taught a group of us mummies with babies tummy massage theories and hands on experience with our babies. She doesnt rush through her class. She would wait for us when we are busy attending to our babies' needs during the class. My baby loves the massage! She is very details in her instructions and ensure that every mummy is doing each step correctly. Very professional and patient. Would definitely recommend her to my friends and relatives!
    Tiffany Ye Meiying
  • Sharon taught me how to massage my baby for gassy and constipation problems. She also taught me how to hold me my baby to comfort him if he has stomach about massages. She is very detailed and even provided notes to me. Very professional yet patient at the same time! Definitely recommend her if you would like to learn about massages.
    Josephine Yap
  • Sharon is very patient and skilful, not only that, she is very willing to share and teach me about what my baby needs and how to gently massage him to make him feel good. Apart from that she provides home visits son that massage can be conducted at the comfort of our own home!
    Grace Chai
  • I signed up with Sharon for a 10 session post-natal massage. She has very firm hands that can knead my tiredness away. My tummy has definitely 'shrunk' by the fourth session. I was delightfully surprised that Sharon offered me a baby massage lesson at completion. Love the baby massage tips that she shared, found it invaluable. Truly enjoyed her professional service and care. Thanks Sharon.
    Adeline Khoo
  • She is very professional and is very willing to give you tips on how to manage handling baby, baby massage then breastfeeding, etc. She did postnatal after I gave birth to my 2 children. I even lost weight and a few inches off my original pre pregnancy waist. Really amazing experience. Looking forward to having the usual massage perhaps once I get back to work.
    Precious Miculob
  • During the baby massage class , Sharon was generous in sharing the massage technique with us , the do and don't and was very detailed in her lesson ,she wld make sure every s single mummy was doing the massage correctly . Thumb up!
    Yoke Ping
  • Sharon is very detailed in her explanations during the massage class and is selfless when imparting knowledge on mummy and baby. Both my son and I have benefited greatly through her class! Would engage her service when I'm planning for my next child.
    Cheng Kai Xiang Joelyn
  • I used Sharon’s postnatal services in the weeks after the birth of my son and she was amazing! Her breast and body massages are fantastic and specifically targeted to encourage let down. She just took charge and gently but firmly helped me along. She got me a breast pump she recommended, she cleaned up, she made me soup – she was wonderful. But most of all she was a listening ear and a constant reminder that this was a phase and all the energy and time sacrifices were worth it to establish my milk supply. Now my son is 2 months old and even after several growth spurts, I’m LOVING breastfeeding thanks to Sharon. She’s only a text away, giving advice on everything baby. I’d definitely recommend her to anyone needing help with breastfeeding.
  • I engaged Sharon for my baby’s 100th day old haircut. I am really impressed with her service. She sterilized her equipment and prepped me before cutting my baby’s hair. Baby was very comfortable during the haircut and even fell asleep throughout the whole process! Thumbs up! I took up her facial promotion as well, after my baby’s haircut. I like the fact that she explains the steps to me so that I know what’s going on while my eyes are closed. The products she used were organic and they smelt really good. That helped me released some of the tension from taking care of my baby. Will be recommending her to my friends!
    Candice Tan
  • My sister-in-law recommended Sharon for prenatal massage. She’s skillful and strong, yet very relaxing. She will ask me which areas feel sore every time and will help me ease that particular painful area. Plus, she’s knowledgeable and willing to share about the pregnancy journey. She is also accommodating and gives kind advice on things to take note. I highly recommend Sharon if you haven’t tried her skills yet.
    Lim Pei Shan
  • Sharon has been massaging me weekly since week 12 of my pregnancy. I have tried other prenatal massages, but they all seem afraid to touch me. Sharon’s massages are firm yet careful. I am so grateful to have found such an amazing prenatal masseuse who knows what she’s doing. All my pregnant friends I refer to her share the same sentiments.
    Esther Chan
  • My cousin highly recommended Sharon to me so I tried her prenatal massage. I was impressed by her skilful massage! She is petite in size but her strength is amazing! I ended up continuing with postnatal massage. Sharon shared a lot of her knowledge with me and her wrapping skills is super good! Caring, attentive and also very prompt in response whenever I have questions. I still contact her for massage services after my confinement!
    Theresa Lee
  • I had a pre- and post-natal massage with Sharon. She was very skilful with her massage and was able to relieve my sore back. Sharon is very attentive to details, caring enough to explain the postnatal Jamu wrap process to me, and making sure I was comfortable throughout the massage. I appreciate my experience with her very much and will definitely recommend to others.
    Bhargavi Narahari
  • Loved everything that Sharon has done for me - from postnatal massage which incorporated Chinese techniques in addition to the Jamu wrap, to advice on how to care for my newborn, recover well after delivery and use of essential oils, etc! A very well trained and informed therapist! Wish I knew her earlier!
    June Lee
  • My friend introduced me to Sharon for my baby’s first haircut. She is very friendly and really understanding when the baby started crying during the process. I also learnt how to do baby massage from her. She explained every detail carefully so that I can understand and remember the techniques well. She prepared notes for every step and gave me a bottle for massage oil. Love the way she did everything! Thanks Sharon!
    Ika Angelina
  • Sharon is a very passionate, patient, knowledgeable and professional therapist. I enjoyed her tender prenatal massage. She really soothed my back and waist aches which gave me a hard time sleeping at night. Thank you Sharon!
    Winnie Lee
  • Sharon is by far the best prenatal masseuse that I’ve had. Her massages are firm, yet relaxing. All in all, Sharon is wonderful!
    Caitlyn McCarthy
  • Sharon is gentle and I can tell she knows what she is doing. She was considerate and very polite during the prenatal massage. Sharon only talked when necessary which I love cos it helped me relax and enjoy her superb skills better. She was also not stingy when sharing advice and answering queries after the session. Highly recommended.
    Aisyah Zakaria
  • Sharon is passionate about her work. She never fails to show professionalism by explaining in detail what she will be doing. When I mentioned tiredness and pain in certain areas, she put extra care when handling those areas. I got into shape quickly, in fact even better than before child birth. I highly recommend Sharon.
    Diana Chan
  • Sharon impressed me with her passion to help mummies deal with any pre- and post-natal issues. She is sincere and professional in her approach, and does a great job in helping me relieve sore muscles after giving birth. Highly recommended!
    Si Lin Li
  • Sharon’s work attitude and professionalism deserve 5 stars. Tummy wrap is tight and effective.
    Grace Tng
  • Sharon was very professional and my baby did not even wake up during her haircut. Thank you, Sharon! I will keep you in mind when I need your service again. Thumbs up!
    Lynnette Chuay Yee Loong
  • Sharon has been very helpful in effectively relieving my engorgement the past 2 weeks whenever I need her help. She also ensured that I pumped after the massage (even though it might not be time yet for my next pump) so that she can further assess whether the engorgement is gone. The massage is very relaxing especially when she played some nature music from her phone…made me zzzzzz.
    Maggie Saw
  • Sharon is always responsive and available when I needed relief. Her massage is really one of the best prenatal massages I’ve had.
    Teo Jia En
  • I engaged Sharon for many weekly sessions after trying out her skilful and relaxing massages. She was attentive to my needs and is an experienced mom who can share lots of advice about childbirth and women wellness. It was totally worth it and I was very well prepared and relaxed to meet the challenges of being a new mom! Thanks Sharon!
    Janice Ong
  • Sharon is very professional and efficient. My baby was very comfortable with the whole shaving process. Glad that I could take a video when she was cutting his hair it. Thanks, Sharon for the prompt reply even though it was a last-minute request.
    Valerie Yap
  • Sharon’s a professional and passionate therapist.
  • Sharon is very professional, caring and very willing to share all the information she knows! I would definitely recommend her to anyone who requires baby massage services!
    Hui Ting Xue
  • Sharon shared baby massage techniques with us and even provided us with notes. She was very detailed and patient during the class. Thank you!
    Evelyn Quek
  • Thanks Sharon. I enjoyed the postnatal massage and also appreciate your punctuality. Overall, a good experience. Thumbs up!
    Emily Aw Yong
  • Sharon offers very good advice while massaging. Pleasant experience.
    Patrick Valerie
  • I just completed a massage session (for engorgement) with Sharon. Couldn’t feel much better than this! She is professional and offers advice – what I see as a value-add besides just massaging! I love the service and will surely engage her again for my postnatal package after my c-sect wound recovers!
    Reann Li
  • Sharon is professional and most importantly, passionate about mummy and baby care. She supported me during my postnatal period through breast and Jamu massage, which helped to alleviate breast engorgement, back pain and promote overall relaxation. I have strongly recommended her to all my mummy friends and will not hesitate to engage her again. Thanks!
    Catherine Nadira Tan
  • Have just completed a massage session (for engorgement) from Sharon. Couldn't feel much better than this! She is professional and offer advices - what I see as value-added besides just massaging! Love the service and will sure engage her again for my post-natal package after my c-sect wound recover!
    Reann Li