Baby Massage Classes

Baby massage also provides benefits for those giving the massage. Parents gain an increased awareness of the baby and his or her needs while enhancing the bonding process between child and caregiver. Massaging your baby can be an experience you come to cherish.

Massage: Benefits to babies

? Baby will know it is loved!
? Baby will know good touch and won?t accept bad touch
? Higher IQ
? Promotes attachment
? Encourages muscular coordination
? Relaxes muscles
? Stimulates vagus nerve resulting in release of food absorption hormones insulin and glucose
? Fosters body acceptance
? Alleviates anxiety and depression
? Enhances immune system
? Facilitates weight gain in preemies
? Relieves colic, constipation and reflux
? Improves sleep pattern

Massage: Benefits to families

? Provides dads a great way to bond
? Serves as a calming ritual for everyone
? Enhances communication
? As child ages, touch gives an opportunity to reconnect
? Provides a unique level of confidence and trust between parent and child
? Alleviates postpartum depression

What to expect from the class?

? Different types of stroke and meaning behind each stroke
? Discussion on what baby wants
? Learning to read baby clue
? How to start and end the massage
? Discussion on what to use ? lotion, oil or nothing at all
? When is the best time to massage
? When not to massage
? How does massage differ at different stage of development
? Special needs ? different massage stroke for
? colic, constipation
? colds, coughs, congestion
? Sleeplessness
? Baby Aerobics
? And more

Who Should Attend?

? Primary caregiver, grandparents or parents
? For newborn to 9 months or before baby starts crawling.

When NOT to massage

Specific conditions contraindicate massage, but not touch. Rubbing the baby’s hands or feet lightly, gentle holding, light stroking is always right for a parent to do.

  1. Fever, or any contagious disease
  2. 72 hours after an immunization
  3. Skin conditions or rashes, dermatitis
  4. Inflamed joints-this may indicate a serious condition
  5. Bruised areas
  6. Suspected fractures
  7. Areas of acute inflammation
  8. Fresh scar tissue
  9. An extremely irritable or unwell child
  10. Wait at least 45 minutes or 1 hour after a full feed
  11. Do not jab or deeply massage the fontanels, or soft spot, on a baby’s head. You can lightly rub over the area with hands, or the pods of your fingers.

Baby Massage-Frequently asked questions

1. Can I attend the class when my baby just had a vaccination?
It depends on your baby. If baby is cranky or having fever, then wait for a couple of days after the vaccination before joining the class.

2. My baby is 8 month old. Is it too late to attend the massage class?
Baby massage is suitable for new born about 1 month old up to toddler. However, it may be a challenge when he starts to crawl instead of staying with you in the massage class. In this case, you may want to opt for private session. Home visit may just take 2 or 3 lessons depending on how much we can cover.

3. What should I bring to the class?
Bring a mat or towel for the baby to lie on. Bring extra towel to cover the body if the room is cold.

4. What if I need to breastfeed my baby during the class?
Babies are the bosses her, and we are learning to respond to their needs. They will direct the flow of the class. So, if babies need to be nursed, or whatever, parents can do that. You won?t disrupt the class by taking care of your baby!

5. Is there any additional charge if my mother wants to join me in the massage class?
No. However for group class, there is a limit of two adults to one baby. Some babies may feel frighten to see too many strangers. There is no limit for private session. All family members are welcome to learn.

6. How long is each session?
1 hour but may be longer depending on our babies and their moods.

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